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DJ GEMINI GILLY was interviewed by CopyWrite Magazine after her Summerfest World Fesitival Debut

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"The Platform episode one hundred and thirty-five features a mix by Gemini Gilly from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After getting her masters degree in social work from UW-Madison at the end of 2018 she taught herself how to DJ realizing she wanted to turn her passion for music into a career. Ever since she’s been DJ’ing in the city at places like one of her residencies Pourman’s, before COVID, and will be starting up a new residency at NO Studios in September. Today she gives us forty plus minutes of R&B, hip-hop and more perfect for a Sunday Funday. Be sure to follow her on her social media pages using the links below, hit up @theplatformmix to let us know where you’re listening from and enjoy Gemini Gilly’s latest mix, on The Platform."


Milwaukee is home to one of the nation’s longest running Juneteenth celebrations, and Milwaukee DJs fill our city with great music every Juneteenth day. Knowing that COVID-19 was going to dramatically affect the way Milwaukee celebrates Juneteenth this year, we teamed up with Doctor B to curate mixes from our city’s finest DJs. Thanks to DJs Bizzon, DRiPSweat, GEMINI GILLY, Avets, Lolo and Stretch we were able to bring the sounds of Milwaukee’s Juneteenth celebration over the airwaves to share with the entire city.


"Inspired by her love of music, Gilliam began self-teaching herself the art of Djing back in 2018. It wasn’t until Sept. of 2019 that she started doing paid gigs.

Gilliam does admit that she was nervous at first to DJ live, but she’s glad she took the leap. According to Gilliam, she wants to “boost spirits”.

“I love curating stuff for other people so they can have a good time,” she said."


DJ GEMINI GILLY was featured on episode 05 of Leaders Igniting Transformation's "For The Culture" series where they sit down with local Culture Makers to chat about politics, social movements, and best practices.

The theme of this episode was "Turn your passion into a career."

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